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Amber Shoemaker | 07/29/14

Dental practice management consulting is something most dental offices need help with.

Gary Brennan | 07/27/14

Our dental infection control course provides your dental team with timely information on infection control and osha regulations, including the latest changes to the dental office requirements.

Helen Quilty | 07/25/14

Just like advertizing, a dental consultant can help you maintain control of your business.

Diane Richards | 07/25/14

You need to protect your patients from unexpected exposure to germs. Keep your dental office compliant with all osha requirements.

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Amy Vanderhill | 07/23/14

This new information provides points for discussion and even some controversy. We can give you staff a safety and infection control quiz on the guidelines of infection control.

Amy Vanderhill recently posted infection control topics

Heather Bane | 07/22/14

Many disposable dental products are used as an aid to prevent cross contamination.

Christopher Bemis | 07/21/14

Dental infection control is undergoing change on a regular basis as new information is obtained. Implementation of the latest regulations will make your dental office safe and healthy for your patients.

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Amber Reynolds | 07/21/14

An effective vaccine to protect against hepatitis B viral infection is available, but has met with indifference on the part of many.

Adrienne Behr | 07/21/14

The top dental management continuing education team training should be a priority.

Jack Krietzburg | 07/21/14

Practical real world tips for complying with the regulations is emphasized throughout this program.

Diane Newman | 07/20/14

Dental practice management consultants are an important part of your business.

Constance Macminn | 07/19/14

The practice of prosthodontics also presents numerous opportunities for cross-contamination.

Guy Rinker | 07/18/14

We can create a presentation for your staff to learn about new regulations for infection control.

Cindy Pauley | 07/17/14

Adequate dental infection control gives you something to nice smile about.

David Raimy | 07/15/14

We can help with training to teach you about all the newest dental regulations. Taking the course for personal reasons will help you gain more knowledge on infection control.

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Constance Bulger | 07/13/14

If your office is not compliant at all times, you could be open for legal problems. We can help with dental practice management and consult on dental recruitment compliance.

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Colleen Henion | 07/13/14

A comfortable dental patient turns out to be a wonderful source of new patient referrals to the practicing dentist. Surfaces in the dental offices are cleaned and then disinfected between each patient to assure you a healthy environment where you can comfortably receive dental treatments.

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Colleen Loop | 07/13/14

Infection control has literally been placed in the hands of health professionals.

Allyson Norfleet | 07/11/14

If you need consultation on the newest dental office compliance regulations, call on our experienced staff.

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